Learning From Religious School

Learning From Religious School

What Parents Should Expect From A Christian School Education

Josephine Walker

There are many parents considering Christian school education. You may look for school that offer hybrid options, meaning they have a partial in class and partial virtual schedule. You may also look for a school that is tied directly to your home church. One of the key points you may not consider is the academics or curriculum and how it is taught. Here is what you should expect in regards to academics and curriculum.

Bible Study

It is obvious that a Christian school will have bible study of some kind. What may be different is how they handle it and if it is handled differently for each grade level. For example, students may have chapel instead of homeroom. This is designed to allow the children prayer time and short morning inspirational sermons or study thoughts. They may have copy work for scripture passages they must write and learn. Upper levels will likely have more in depth study to include the history surrounding the bible study passage as well as the lifestyle and additional topics on the time period.

Integrative Study

One of the key components to any Christian school is integrative study. This usually refers to the ideas, morals, teachings, and specific denominational doctrines being included in each subject. For example, science will likely include references to creation over evolution as well as references of how God creates and reveals different scientific aspects. This integrative study should be considered if you have set beliefs or ideals you want your child to learn. For example, you may want them to be taught both aspects of creation and evolution, or you may want certain subjects to not be integrated at all. 

Traditional Courses

You may find that the Christian school you choose has more traditional courses than a public school. For example, many public schools are doing away with the idea of home economics and other traditional courses that teach both boys and girls life skills. Christian academies may offer home economics, wood shop, auto shop, and other traditional courses to prepare students for not only a Christian life, but also life in general. 

Keep in mind, many Christian schools and Christian academies do use different curriculums. If you are concerned about a specific curriculum choice, discuss your concerns during your initial visit. The director or principal can discuss all academic options and take you on a tour of the classrooms prior to your choice.

For more information, visit a Christian school in your area.


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