Learning From Religious School

Learning From Religious School

Benefits Of Private Christian School

Josephine Walker

In 2021, the average cost of tuition at private schools in the US (grades k-12) comes to $12,350/year. Many parents believe that the cost is well worth the value to the students who attend these schools. Learn more about the benefits of sending your children to a private Christian high school

#1. Religion-Based Curriculum

Students at private Christian schools will not only take general education courses, such as geometry, US history, and biology, but they will also take religion courses. These courses teach students Biblical stories and how to apply those lessons in everyday life. Even gen eds incorporate religious themes. Most Christian private schools also include church at least once a week, allowing students to prioritize time for worship during the school week (and throughout the work week when they get older). By sending students to a private school, students learn how important religion is. They will learn that they should keep religion and values above everything else.

#2. Social Opportunities

When students attend private school, they are surrounded by students who come from similar backgrounds. This ensures that children are surrounded by people who share the same values, including religion. Students will be able to find positive role models who may become mentors. As students get older, they may even have the opportunity to mentor younger students themselves. These valuable relationships can extend to adulthood and the students' professional lives. Private schools tend to have more tight-knit communities with more involvement from both students and their parents, which can encourage shy children to get involved. 

#3. Academic Advantages 

In general, private schools have higher academic expectations of students. Since private school students must meet higher expectations, they tend to test better in standardized tests, such as the ACT or SAT. Students who struggle in school will have more resources. To start, they will learn in smaller classes. The average class size in private schools rarely exceeds 16 students a class, while public schools regularly have 20 - 25 students per class. The smaller class size allows struggling students more time with the teacher. Private schools often have free tutors and other resources, as well. Students who excel can work with teachers to continue learning at a faster pace to ensure they don't get bored in class. 

There are numerous benefits to sending children to private schools instead of public schools. Schedule a tour of your local private school today to learn more.


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