Learning From Religious School

Learning From Religious School

4 Benefits of All-Boys Catholic High Schools

Josephine Walker

High school is a time of change and growth for students. It's the last opportunity you'll have to mold and train your child before they enter the wider adult world. Since a child's teenage years are crucial, it's important to select their high school with care. There are many reasons to send your son to an all-boys private Catholic high school. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect your child to gain:

1. Boys will be surrounded by positive influences.

Teenagers are particularly susceptible to outside influence and peer pressure. Well-meaning boys can easily be led astray by a desire to fit in with their peers. You can help your son make good choices by placing him in a positive, healthy environment. All-boys Catholic high schools are Christian institutions. The teachers and staff at a Catholic school will uphold Christian morals and teach them to students. You can rest assured that your son is being trained in the Christian way when he's at a Catholic school.

2. Boys will be encouraged to develop their natural talents.

Every person is different. Each boy has his own unique talents and skills. Catholic high schools are private institutions with smaller class sizes than those found at public schools. Since classes are smaller, teachers can pay more attention to individual students. Your son's abilities will be recognized and encouraged. Kids who are interested in math and science will be encouraged to pursue STEM studies. Boys who are gifted with language may be encouraged to take additional English classes. Helping boys grow into their gifts can prepare them for careers that suit their temperaments.

3. Boys will be molded into upstanding young men.

Catholic high schools instruct students in the ways of the Lord. At a Catholic high school, boys will learn the importance of integrity, humility, hard work, and respect. These virtues will be emphasized so that each student will be able to grow into an upstanding young man. Respectful young men can carry on in the Catholic tradition as examples for their communities.

4. Boys will be shielded from temptations.

Teenage boys are reaching an age when their hormones will be particularly active. At this age, boys naturally become interested in the opposite sex. However, this interest can serve as a distraction and even a temptation. All-boys Catholic schools shield young men from some of the temptation of sexual activity. Boys will be educated with other young men and encouraged to focus on their studies.


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