Learning From Religious School

Learning From Religious School

What Can A College Prep School Do For High School Students?

Josephine Walker

College prep schools are private institutions where students are challenged to live up to their full academic potential. Kids who are interested in attending college can thrive at college prep schools. These schools offer some features and advantages that other types of schools do not. Here are four things that college prep courses can do for high school students of all ages:

1. Allow students to spend time with like-minded peers.

Adolescents are particularly social. Teens are at a developmental stage where the thoughts and feelings of their peers are of the utmost importance. This can lead teenagers down troubled paths if they're not careful. Parents can safeguard against negative forms of peer pressure by placing their children in positive environments. College prep schools are filled with students who are serious about their studies. Many college prep schools also double as religious institutions where good morals and faith-based education can be encouraged.

2. Provide an array of classes tailored to different interests.

College prep schools provide students with the solid educational foundations they need. However, many college prep schools also offer elective programs. Electives can help students explore their interests, whether those interests lie in physical education, the arts, or literature studies. Exploring interests through electives can help students decisively pick a major in college.

3. Help students succeed on standardized tests.

Standardized tests aren't the be-all and end-all of education. However, they are one way that college admissions teams evaluate students. A good score on the SATs and ACTs can help students get into the college of their choice. Even smart students can do poorly on standardized tests if they don't know how to take the tests. College prep schools offer PSAT courses that can equip students with techniques they can use when taking standardized tests. For instance, skipping difficult questions and saving them for last can help students use their test-taking time effectively.

4. Allow students to keep their options open.

Many high school students aren't sure what they want to do for a living, and that's perfectly normal. Attending a college prep school doesn't lock students into a single life path, far from it. Instead, attending a college prep school will allow students to keep their options open. There are colleges that allow students to major in any subject imaginable. A college prep school will prepare students to succeed in any field, no matter what they decide to do later in life.


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